Te-Arai Community Garden aims to be a bountiful, colourful, safe and shared community space, fostering community togetherness, respect and trust. A space for gardeners of all ages and cultures to appreciate the opportunity to grow and share fresh produce and gardening tips. A space for the whole neighbourhood.

Located at Te-Arai Reserve, Te-Arai Avenue, St Kilda East, nestled behind Alma Road Community House (ARCH), the project is an initiative of ARCH, the City of Port Phillip and Port Phillip Eco Centre. The garden beds are looked after by a group of enthusiastic green thumbs who live in the local area. Find out how to get involved.

Five garden beds have been installed along the hedge adjacent to the road (Google map). They use a wicking system designed to both save water and reduce the frequency of watering required. We are also helping look after one of the timber garden beds close to ARCH, which is a project of Inclusion Melbourne.

We welcome all visitors to help themselves to vegetables and herbs growing in the garden. Feel free to take what you need and please leave some for others to enjoy.

Composing bins are also available for locals to put their food scraps in.

For further information or to become involved please contact us or visit our Facebook page.